What If I Were...? is Edward Shafik's examination of some of the most powerful and influential people of our time. In the first book, Shafik takes on Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. Here's a sample of what awaits you:

    Pres. Obama to Secretary Clinton: “When Democrats tried to impeach Nixon, you were there. When Republicans tried to impeach your husband, you were there. When Egyptians kicked Morsi out of office, you were there. When Libyans killed our ambassador, you were there.”
    Hillary smiled in pride. “I’m certainly an active force of history in the making.”
    Obama frowned. “Frankly, my dear, I think you brought America bad luck.”

    A Muslim, a socialist, and a liberal walk into a nightclub, and the bartender says, “Hello Mr. President.”

    An American argued with a Russian about which country (U.S. or Russia) is better. The American boasted that he could march to the Oval Office, pound on Barack Obama’s desk with both fists, and say, “Mr. President. I don’t like your foreign policy, it stinks.”
          The Russian scoffed. “I can do that too. I could storm into the Kremlin, pound on Putin’s desk, and say, ‘Comrade President, I don’t like the way Obama is running his country.’”

    After a long wait, an old woman managed to clamber abroad a crowded bus, wiped her forehead, and exclaimed, “Finally, glory to God!”
          The driver protested, “You must say, ‘Glory to President Putin.’”
          The woman apologized, then asked, “What should I say if, God forbid, President Putin dies?”
          “Then you may say, ‘Praise the Lord.’”


What if I were...? Book One

This volume is actually two hilarious and informative sub-books. What If I were President Obama is the first half, another satire in which the author envisions himself advising the president how to build his legacy and avoid the wrath of God. This section will make you laugh from beginning to the end. It will reveal the nuts and bolts of how the White House operates.

What If I were President Putin is the second half of the book, with more of Shafik’s unique writing style as he examines the popular and feared Russian leader that has dominated the news. Who is Putin? Who are the Russian people? How can we understand their sufferings and hopes? In this section, the author envisions himself as an American guest of the Russian government to conduct in depth interviews with President Putin.


Book Two continues the factual fun with What If I were Queen Elizabeth? and What If I were Pope Benedict?


A provocative tale of the two most interesting leaders of our time (5 stars)
As is so typical of Edward’s writing, he has a keen sense of injecting humor in topics that are sadly lacking in perspective.... At once provocative and hilarious, Edward invites us to view Obama and Putin in a refreshing new light. It is a healthy way to re-think our perceptions and join in the skills of dissection of platitudes Edward offers. Timely and worth reading!
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Another hit from Mr. Shafik (5 stars)
With POTUS about to leave office and Putin already tossing in his two cents about a Clinton presidency, I thought “What If I were…” would be a great novel to rid the tensions of this very difficult campaign period. I was right. The novel is funny and witty and the same time and brings up so many good points that you have to sit and wonder what may have happened if the author was actually an advisor.... The writing is clean and precise, and the voice and dialogue flow very well. I’m looking forward to more from this author.
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The Importance of Informed Voting for Obama's Successor (5 stars)
Whether describing sushi preparation or an Eastern Orthodox coronation ceremony, Ed takes the reader on a journey of discovery tinged with humor, education, and inspiration.... Shafik entertains his readers by placing reality under a microscope and writing about his findings after informally retrieving facts through fictional interviews he has with his protagonists
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I love satires! (5 stars)
The writing is stellar as the author never really [crosses] that line between a joke and an insult.... In times like this it is so much rewarding to have a laugh and only think that the situation will get better eventually.
Read the full review from JULIUS ZON

I highly recommend this book! (5 stars)
Edward Shafik [has] created a great piece of art . . . . The more I read the book, the more interesting it became. I read this book in three sittings . . . [and] never wanted to put it down Read the full review from Hugh Kinnett

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Satire, Parody, Humor, Inspirational


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