Preface - Fool's Paradise, Part 1; The Execution of Bin Laden

The search for Bin Laden was the greatest manhunt ever conducted by America, the greatest power in the world. Satellites, unmanned airplanes, the most advanced spying technological devices, and the unlimited resources of the mighty Central Intelligence Agency chased a long-bearded terrorist who slipped through their hands like red mercury. Bin Laden became a folk hero to millions of Muslims who hailed him as the new Kalifa who would restore Philistines’ and Arabs’ past glory.  

The reputation of the White House the CIA suffered one blow after another for ten years at the hand of an Arab Bedouin hidden in the Afghanistan mountains. Bin Laden threatened the West with Jihad and more strikes against the enemies of Islam using explosives, bombs, and suicide terrorists. But the tactic was nothing new; fourteen hundred years ago Muhammed was the original Muslim terrorist, conquering nations by the sword  to spread Islam.

Fool’s Paradise is based on current political events. All its characters are fictional, woven around the reality of our turbulent times. From the beginning, wars started when men coveted their neighbors’ lands and possessions and used swords, guns, and soldiers to invade, kill, and rape. Nothing has changed since; wars are still raging. Dictators and rulers are waging violence on their own people, and majorities are persecuting minorities.

They are using the Name of a loving God to justify their killings and a Fool’s Paradise to incite greed and lust for an imaginary paradise that never existed.  My prayer is that Fool’s Paradise blesses all my beloved readers and encourages them to read part two, The Arab Spring

Yours in Christ,
Edward Shafik


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christinamichael (5 stars) Fool's Paradise is a must read!

John J. Staughton (4 stars) I can tell that the author is deeply invested in the topic and is trying to share an honest and thorough account.

Chelsey McQuitty (5 stars) I'd recommend this to anyone who is still having questions about Bin Laden, anyone who loves military/CIA tactical stories, or someone just looking for a thriller to speed through during commute times.

L. Columbus (4 stars) Be aware that this is the first part of a trilogy, and once you finish, I have no doubt you'll be wanting to read the next two in the series.

Grady Harp (5 stars) [H]ere is a fascinating depiction of the work of the Navy Seals, the CIA, and the capture of Bin Laden - all in view of the complicated relationship between the US and Saudis. It makes for an invigorating read.

L. A. Howell
I commend Shafik on the amount of research that he compiled to make such a compelling read. The writing is fast paced, no dull chapters, and the action is swift and justified. Great read.


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