Laughter Within Laughter is a collection of Edward Shafik's humorous observations and experiences. Sample chapters include:

  • Hot Dogs and Cool Cats
          "What did the bun says to the hot dog? Stop touching my bun!"
  • Meditation is Good, Prayer is Better, Contemplation is Best
          Mediation student: "If I'm open minded, wouldn't my brains fall out?"
          Teacher: "No. Just keep your big mouth shut at the same time."
  • RX for Passion
          "Doctor you've got to come over at once. It's my husband. He took his multivitamin pill, his ulcer pill, his tranquilizer pill, his cholesterol pill, his high blood pressure bill, and his appetite suppressant pill-then added just a dash of Benzedrine. Then he lit a cigarette and exploded."
  • To Remember or not to Remember
          "Do you think the President is a man of the people like the New York Times says?"
          "I'm sure of it. He seems as confused and forgetful like the rest of us."
  • Dr. Oz's Holy Grail of Dieting
          "A great way to lose weight is to eat in a bathing suit and stand in front of a full-length mirror. If this won't kill your appetite, nothing else will."


Laughter Within Laughter

Which is worth more, John Lennon's plaque-ridden molar or Captain Kirk's kidney stones? How are sexy robots contributing to Japan's population decline? What do your ears say about your personality, and could your chin contradict it? And what from what dog breed do they make hot dogs?

In LAUGHTER WITHIN LAUGHTER, Egyptian-American author and humorist Edward Shafik ponders these and other questions as he looks for the absurdities of life in the twenty-first century. From robots to Rogaine, from Trump to Putin, and from Osama to Obama, no topic is safe from Shafik's satire.


You will find a lot "Within" this book! #badwordplay
"Are you interested in reading humorous stories about celebrities such as John Lennon, Donald Trump, or Dolly Parton? Did you want to read, quite frankly, an alarming number of stories centered on hot dogs? How about stories about Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth? Did you catch that I used "frank" as a pun when talking about hot dogs? Well, that's the kind of content that you can expect in this book! Except for my terrible hot dog pun.... This book is an overall enjoyable experience... definitely worth picking up." Owen Robinson  (4 stars)

This book kept me laughing from beginning to end!
"Edward Shafik is a talented writer with a unique writing style. This book held my attention from the beginning to the end. It also kept me laughing out loud throughout.... I look forward to reading other books by this author." Hugh Kinnett  (5 stars)

Great funny stories!
"If you have never had a hard time reading a book because it is making you laugh out loud, then you need to read LAUGHTER WITHIN LAUGHTER by Edward Shafik." Christie davis  (5 stars)


Key Words

Satire, Parody, Humor, Inspirational


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