Fool's Paradise, Part 3: Fanning the Flames

This is the third and final episode of the Fool's Paradise trilogy. From the execution of Bin Laden to the Arab Spring, we have followed a rich line of characters from the CIA and Arabia's royal family.

This book will take the reader on a virtual tour around the world to discover new places, eat exotic food, and witness the adventure of ordinary people becoming heroes.

While these are fictional characters, the historic events are real. The places are real, and so is the drama of millions of Arabs dreaming of a better life for their children while the superpowers manipulate their leaders with money and weapons. Enjoy.

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Divya Jyoti Randev (4 stars) The book gives the reader drama, action, and romance... a bit of everything for readers with different tastes.

im1rarebird (3 stars) We get glimpse[s] into another culture that [are] insightful and educational.

Sierra Klein (4 stars) A well-researched book about the violence going on in the Middle East. The author weaves real politics and insight into the life and culture of the region.

Grady Harp (5 stars) Powerful writing to end a powerful trilogy - a series of books that invites us to examine the current and continuing crisis more completely. Very strong work.

John J. Staughton (5 stars) I have found myself much more informed and able to discuss current issues facing my country, particularly in terms of foreign policy. . . . [T]his crisis is far from over. I only hope that more of Shafik's words make their way to the right eyes and ears. A wonderful trilogy overall.


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Muslim, Egypt, Terrorist, CIA, Field Marshal El Sisi, Muslim Brotherhood, Political Thriller


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