Paradise Regained

This book is dedicated to the memory of the six martyrs of the 2010 Nag Hammadi massacre. Their blood cried loud to the Lord, and Egypt’s former President Housni Mubarak and his ministers are facing murder charges in the court. This book is also dedicated to the oppressed Christians in Iraq, Syria, and other nations dominated by Muslims who believe that by killing Christian and Jews, they are serving bloodthirsty Allah.


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Tamara R. Bernal (5 stars) I have to say, it was great! I was able to connect with [the] characters and see the complexity of each of them... I loved how [it] took the readers from the harsh realities of life in Egypt, especially for the Coptic Christians... and then journeyed into the heavenlies with Magdy and Jerimiel. I also appreciated [the] detailing of how Muhammed came to his path (of destruction)... It was a great read, and I look forward to reading more of [Ed's] books in the future!!

A. Chai (5 stars) The author is a great storyteller, whose voice is evocative of the deep emotions experienced within the Egyptian Christian community. Americans might be surprised by this glimpse of the Egyptian experience. The bonds of family, the heartfelt emotions, and the simplicity of faith are not what Americans typically would expect to read in a novel of this type, but it provides a wonderfully rich taste of a unique culture.

Templar Knight (5 stars) [An] easy read and very informative and creative work. ... Whether you enjoy learning about history or bible knowledge this gives you a little bit of everything.

christinamichael (5 stars) Amazing read. I couldn't put this book down.

Joanne Hillman (5 stars) This is truly a fascinating story, which mirrors actual events taking place in Egypt today. ... Unforgettable reading!

Rosie Harris (5 stars) I realized the privilege I enjoyed, being able to freely express and practice my religious affiliation without persecution, which I took for granted until reading this book!

Bullos (5 stars) This book is truly a great read. It really opens one's eyes on what is really happening in the Middle East; it gives you a great understanding of the Christian struggles and what they are up against.

Janet K. Brown (4 stars) Edward Shafik gives us a distinctly different viewpoint of what's happening in front page news in a different part of the world.

Carrie L. Lewis (4 stars) Mr. Shafik's storytelling is distinctly Middle eastern, combining his love for the ancient land and peoples that are his heritage and the tragedies of current events.

Monagui3 (5 stars) written very well and is interesting to the very end.

Grady Harp (5 stars) [A] careful, cautious, but brave revelation of the crisis in the Middle East. Recommended reading.


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