Fool's Paradise, Part 2: The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring became the darkest and coldest winter not only for Egypt but also for Tunis, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Sudan. The radical fascist Muslim groups empowered by arms and billions of dollars spread like a wildfire that burned and destroyed everything that opposed their agenda to rule, control, and destroy.  

Surprises never end as the political events change by the hour, and the masters of the universe at the White House and the European Union change their strategies. While they preach human rights and democracy, they are blind to thirty-three million Egyptians marching in public protest against Morsi regime. When the Army supported the public outcry against the Muslim Brotherhood and disposed of Morsi, CNN was fast to call it a coup and in similar tone, Senators McCain and Graham visited Cairo and threatened to cut the American aid stipulated in the Camp David Accord between Israel and Egypt. They treated seven thousand years proud civilization as a street beggar wanting Uncle Sam's dollars.

While writing this sequel, I watched the news on both worlds, east and west, and I had firsthand knowledge of how the media manipulated the events to mislead the American public on the failure of the American policy in the Middle East. The U.S. as the leader of the free world has supported the most repressive Arab regimes of the modern history. It saddens me as a loyal naturalized citizen to see Egypt hate America and drift toward Russia and China, who understand the daily needs of the man in the street like food, shelter, safety, freedom, and a better future for his children. Is this too much to ask? Why should America's interests conflict with the aspirations of the poor people in the Third World?

My prayer is that The Arab Spring blesses all my beloved readers and encourages them to read part three, Fanning the Flames

Yours in Christ,
Edward Shafik


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John J. Staughton (4 stars) I expected big things from the second installment from Shafik and I wasn't disappointed.

Veritas Vincit (5 stars) [H]is insight and ability to explain truly intricate situations in a strange and distant world were impressive.

Grady Harp (5 stars) [F]or this series to sustain the compelling impact, this reader recommends the entire set. Rarely has an author been so successful at bringing both an understanding of history coupled with such a tensely drawn novel as this.

Chelsey McQuitty (4 stars) I was a big fan of Shafik’s writing in Fool’s Paradise Part One, so I had to check out the next edition. I’m glad to say I wasn’t in the least disappointed . . . . Can’t wait for book 3.

LA Howell (5 stars) The action . . . really came alive through his writing. I was completely immersed in the culture and time period. Plus, I also like learning something new on an old subject.


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