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About the author Edward Shafik

When I was born, a relative looked at my big head and told my father that I’ll have a big future. My father believed this projection and insisted I become a doctor. I didn’t know better then so I agreed but was smart enough not to sign a contract. Later my mother wanted me to be successful but happy. After a little talk, I convinced my mom that I could not be both, it’s either or. Mother struck a deal that I become a successful doctor.

Early in my childhood I discovered reading mystery books and Tarzan adventure is more fun than playing ball in the streets. Year after year I would read more and more, faster and faster. Eventually I start to write poetry and short stories in Arabic (my mother tongue). I became a bookworm a far cry from an MD. Not to disappoint my parents I studied hard but despite my big heads my grades were not good enough for medical school, so I majored in Science to become a chemist.

Thank God, my parent still loved me as a chemist and instead of being a successful doctor I convinced my parents that I’m a happy chemist. I didn’t fool my father. Christians were persecuted in Egypt and future look bleak for young graduates. Immigration to America became an objective my family spared no expense to achieve. Like Christopher Columbus I was anointed to come first to New York and prepare a place for my family to live upon their arrival few months later.

I earned a master degree in Chemistry and my career as environmental chemist soared as I became a supervisory chemist and a division chief in the Army. I traveled back to Egypt and got married with my sweet heart. My career took us in a great tour of New Mexico, Kentucky, and Maryland. During the first five years of marriage the Lord blessed us with an adorable daughter and handsome son. I wrote two speculative novels between different locations but my priorities were God, Family, and Job.

After retirement I finally could accomplish my dream to be a full time writer who is free from 9-5 work shift. Some days I could write for long hours till midnight, sometime other activities steal my hours but is not a total loss, since my mind prepares material for the following chapter. On 2010 Muslims killed six young Christians as they celebrated Christmas Eve in Nag Hammadi Egypt. The massacre opened a large wound for the Copts all over the world. As the details of the crimes unfolded, I began to write my first book, Paradise Regained.

Key Words

Coptic Christian, Author, Egypt, Egyptian-American, Humor, Political Thriller


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